A biography of the life and charity work of mother teresa

Legacy of a Humanitarian Despite unprecedented challenges, the Nobel Peace Prize winner devoted her life to charity.

A biography of the life and charity work of mother teresa

She is also known as the founder of the only Catholic religious order still growing in membership. At the time of her birth Skopje was located within the Ottoman Empire, a vast empire controlled by the Turks in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Agnes was the last of three children born to Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu, Albanian grocers.

Mother Teresa - Wikipedia Her family was of Albanian descent.
Missionaries of Charity - Wikipedia They have 19 homes in Kolkata Calcutta alone which include homes for women, orphaned children, and homes for the dying, and for those dying of AIDS; a school for street children, and a leper colony. The Congregation started to grow rapidly, with new homes opening all over the globe.
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As Mother Teresa is made a saint, her charity remains under scrutiny - CBS News Teresa's School near her convent.
Mother Teresa - Biographical - kaja-net.com Missionaries of Charity Missionaries of Charity motherhouse in Kolkata On 10 SeptemberTeresa experienced what she later described as "the call within the call" when she travelled by train to the Loreto convent in Darjeeling from Calcutta for her annual retreat.

When Agnes was nine years old, her happy, comfortable, close-knit family life was upset when her father died. She attended public school in Skopje, and first showed religious interests as a member of a school society that focused on foreign missions groups that travel to foreign countries to spread their religious beliefs.

A biography of the life and charity work of mother teresa

By the age of twelve she felt she had a calling to help the poor. This calling took sharper focus through Mother Teresa's teenage years, when she was especially inspired by reports of work being done in India by Yugoslav Jesuit missionaries serving in Bengal, India.

When she was eighteen, Mother Teresa left home to join a community of Irish nuns, the Sisters of Loretto, who had a mission in Calcutta, India. She received training in Dublin, Ireland, and in Darjeeling, India, taking her first religious vows in and her final religious vows in One of Mother Teresa's first assignments was to teach, and eventually to serve as principal, in a girls' high school in Calcutta.

Although the school was close to the slums terribly poor sectionsthe students were mainly wealthy. In Mother Teresa experienced what she called a second vocation or "call within a call. In the Vatican residence of the pope in Vatican City, Italy gave her permission to leave the Sisters of Loretto and to start a new work under the guidance of the Archbishop of Calcutta.

A biography of the life and charity work of mother teresa

Her first venture in Calcutta was to gather unschooled children from the slums and start to teach them. She quickly attracted both financial support and volunteers. In her group, now called the Missionaries of Charity, received official status as a religious community within the Archdiocese of Calcutta.

Members took the traditional vows of poverty, chastity purityand obedience, but they added a fourth vow—to give free service to the most poor. The Missionaries of Charity received considerable publicity, and Mother Teresa used it to benefit her work.

In they began to work with lepers those suffering from leprosy, a terrible infectious disease and slowly expanded their educational work, at one point running nine elementary schools in Calcutta.

They also opened a home for orphans and abandoned children.

Mother Teresa - Wikipedia

Before long they had a presence in more than twenty-two Indian cities. Dedication to the very poor Mother Teresa's group continued to expand throughout the s, opening new missions in places such as Amman, Jordan; London, England; and New York, New York.

Benefactors, or those donating money, regularly would arrive to support works in progress or to encourage the Sisters to open new ventures. By Mother Teresa's groups had more than two hundred different operations in over twenty-five countries around the world, with dozens more ventures on the horizon.

The same year she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. In she persuaded President Fidel Castro — to allow a mission in Cuba. The characteristics of all of Mother Teresa's works—shelters for the dying, orphanages, and homes for the mentally ill—continued to be of service to the very poor.

In Mother Teresa sent her Missionaries of Charity into Russia and opened a home for acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS; an incurable disease that weakens the immune system patients in San Francisco, California.

In she returned home to Albania and opened a home in Tirana, the capital.Mother Teresa Center. West Calle Primera, Suite #N. San Ysidro CA [email protected] kaja-net.com ♦ Italiano ♦ English ♦.

Watch video · Nun and missionary Mother Teresa, known in the Catholic church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, devoted her life to caring for the sick and poor. Born in Macedonia to parents of Albanian-descent and having taught in India for 17 years, Mother Teresa experienced her "call within a call" in The Missionaries of Charity (Latin: Missionariarum a Caritate) is a Roman Catholic (Latin Church) religious congregation established in by Mother Teresa, now known in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Charity Work. Since the age of nine years old, with many people following in her lead, Mother Teresa has impacted the ideals of humanity through her divine inspiration to devote herself to caring for the sick and the poor, especially through the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

In , Mother Teresa asked to resign as head of the Missionaries, but was soon voted back in as Superior General. On March 13, , six months before Mother Teresa's death, Sister Mary Nirmala Joshi was selected the new Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa Biographical Questions and Answers on Mother Teresa. M other Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje *, Macedonia, on August 26**, Her family was of Albanian descent.

At the age of twelve, she felt strongly the call of God.

Mother Teresa Biography