A discussion on the harmful chemicals in the ohio schools

Veronica Vieira, DSc Vieira has an extensive knowledge of GIS, groundwater modeling, cluster detection methods, and on persistent environmental contaminants including tetrachloroethylene PCE, a dry-cleaning solventperfluorooctanoic acid PFOA, a perfluorinated compound PFC involved in the manufacturing of Teflonand polybrominated diphenyl ethers PBDEs, a common class of flame retardants. Components of her work include improving methods for geocoding rural addresses using GIS and examining the relationship between PFOA exposures and health outcomes. Vieira's research also includes method development for spatial epidemiology such as disease mapping, cluster detection, and space-time interactions. Jun Wu, PhD Dr.

A discussion on the harmful chemicals in the ohio schools

Resources Legal Issues A key legal issue relating to hookah smoking is whether such an activity would be covered under a clean indoor air statute or ordinance.

Illinois requires that a hookah establishment derive more than 80 percent of its gross revenue from the sale of tobacco products and not sell food or alcoholic beverages. New Mexico exempts hookah lounges under a retail tobacco store exemption, but also requires that alcoholic beverages be prohibited.

Maine expressly includes hookahs under the definition of a tobacco specialty store exemption so long as that store was licensed prior to January 1, and the preparation or consumption of food or drink on the premises is prohibited.

Other statewide smoke-free regulations do not address hookah smoking specifically. Approximately fifteen states, including Puerto Rico and Washington, D. Whether a hookah establishment might fall under such an exemption depends largely on the language of the exemption and the characteristics of the hookah bar in question.

This again depends primarily on the language of the exemption. Key Research Cobb, C. Examines the prevalence and potential health risks of waterpipe tobacco smoking in the U. Surveys hookah users in the San Diego, California, area to determine their perceptions of the health hazards of hookah smoking.

A majority of those surveyed A study finding that the concentration of harmful chemicals in shisha tobacco is generally as high as or higher than the concentration of such chemicals in cigarette tobacco, and that hookah smokers are likely to confront the same health problems as cigarette smokers.

A study finding preliminary evidence linking hookah smoking to a variety of tobacco-related health problems such as heart disease and pregnancy complications, and concluding that more evidence is necessary to fully understand the spread of hookah use and its health implications.

A study finding that hookah smoking may cause obstructive lung disease in smokers and predispose smokers to oral cancers.

A study finding that children born from pregnancies in which the mother smoked hookah are more likely to have low birth weights and respiratory distress than children born from nonsmokers. This act contains a variety of provisions both impliedly restricting the usage of hookahs in certain areas while allowing the usage of hookahs in certain establishments provided that those establishments meet certain statutory requirements.

The Attorney General of Maryland has stated that although there is no hookah bar provision in the smoke-free air act, as long as the primary activity of the hookah bar is to sell tobacco, it would be exempt. Maryland also enables county to grant waivers to businesses to allow smoking if that business can show some sort of hardship.

Americans for Nonsmokers Rights website. Compilation of news articles and research on hookah bars and smoking. Presentation covering the basic concept of hookah smoking, health issues related to hookah smoking, and ways states and municipalities can regulate and restrict the proliferation of hookah establishments.

Waterpipe Tobacco Use Feb.

A discussion on the harmful chemicals in the ohio schools

Report outlining the way hookahs function, contemporary scientific information on hookah, common perceptions of hookah users, marketing trends, and state regulation of hookah.

Brief discussion of the health issues related to hookah smoking with links to data sources and other information related to tobacco control.

Fact sheet detailing the health problems related to hookah smoking.Discussion. Water treatment processes, regulations, and rapid response to illness outbreaks continue to reduce the transmission of pathogens, reduce exposure to chemicals and toxins, and protect the public drinking water supplies in the United States.

In , Ohio EPA, in partnership with the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources reconvened the Ohio Lake Erie Phosphorus Task Force as a Phase II effort. Lab tests reveal popular e-cigarette liquids contain harmful chemicals The method typically used to analyze e-liquids for the industry is not sensitive enough to detect levels that could be.

A discussion on the harmful chemicals in the ohio schools. Contact 2 public health schools oakland, california meeting summary and its april 8, columbus, ohio • disclosure of potentially harmful chemicals. You must store toxic or hazardous materials in approved laboratory containers, separated by reactive group, in a ventilated, locked area.

You must clearly label chemical containers with the name of the chemical and the date it entered the school. Conduct A Chemical Survey Summary the school clean?

Are any of these harmful to students? Are there safer, environmentally-friendly options? 2. Explore energy conservation as a way to prevent pollution. Use EPA’s Power Discussion Questions: 1. How many chemicals did you find at home?

2. In what rooms did you find these chemicals?

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