A typical cold by brent j f

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A typical cold by brent j f

Barend Pienaar, a self-described patriot of the Afrikaaner nation, stands amongst crosses symbolizing dead farmers killed in farm attacks litter a hillside close to the highway near Petersburg, South Africa. Pienaar is one of the people involved in creating this monument and an ardent self defence advocate for farmers.

He has been called a racist for his thinking but he sees his thinking as necessary for white self-preservation. Formerly a member of right wing organizations he now sees the farmers in South Africa as going from attempted self-determination to self-preservation. Pienaar is part of a network of over community protection participants country wide and is a key figure for farm defence in his region.

Official government figures say that close to white farmers have been killed since in South Africa. Agricultural and farmer organizations say that number is much higher and believe that the attacks on farmers are not only about criminal opportunism but that there is also a political motive. The number of farmers in South Africa has dwindled steadily from around in to around 35 today.

Farmers in these isolated areas have received very little support from the police and have formed community protection groups to try to curb these attacks.

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Many of the attacks are particularly brutal, with rape and torture the norm. There are also many incidents where the murderers take little; killing seems to be the motivation. There has been a steady rise in anti-white sentiment in South Africa since the death of Nelson Mandela.

The funeral for Kathleen Van Coppenhagen, shot dead by black attackers on her small holding in the farming town of Sundra. Kathleen was found hiding inside the dog kennel after being shot, her husband managed to escape his attackers after they shot his wife and beat him badly.

Kathleen was taken to hospital but died a day later. Another white women was stabbed to death in Sundra 2 nights later. According to government, farmers have been killed in farm attacks since Farmers and agricultural organization say that number is far higher.

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The ANC government instructed the police to stop keeping these records as they say it was bad for investment.

Since there have been murders in South Africa, with over 80 whites killed.

A typical cold by brent j f

Farmers in particular have little recourse to the law and must largely protect themselves. They formed Kommando groups to do this but the ANC government banned these. Since then, farmers remain reliant on themselves and small community protection groups.

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On average, there is a farm attack in South Africa every second day. The vast majority of these attacks involve significant numbers of attackers and violence, torture and rape are common.

These attacks have polarized South Africa further and hate speech by black right wing movements has accelerated this. Members of the Suidlanders movement learn to use radios and maps on a farm in the North West Cape region of South Africa.

Suidlanders are a group of aroundThere are clear instructions from the Suidlander leadership as to how to prepare for this exodus, from a year's food planning to areas where they can assemble and begin a new life through sustainable farming and self defence.

Suidlanders believe that will be the year when black attacks against whites reach the point where this movement towards safety will be unavoidable. Orania is a former government workers village originally bought by a group of Afrikaners in from the South African government with the intention of creating a pure Afrikaner community which functions as a stronghold for conservative Afrikaner cultural and religious values.

Orainia currently has four times more applicants than they can handle, one of the drivers for this is the farm attacks phenomenon which currently see White South African farmers as the most vulnerable population group in the world. Increasing anti-white hate speech from the black right wing is only driving this further.

The Orania community sees themselves as independant from the rest of South Africa with a goal of a self-determining Afrikaner homeland. All work in Orania is done by white Afrikaners. They do not see themselves as right wing, but are very concerned with their ultra conservative cultural and religious integrity and independence.

They welcome anyone who shares those values and as a result are one hundred percent white in ethnicity. THere has been a steady rise in population numbers for Orania, due to ongoing disenfranchisement of white South Africans as a result of Black Empowerment policies of the ANC government as well as undiminished, traumatically high crime statistics which are driving whites to seek shelter in perceived safer communities such as Orania.1.

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