Adhesive virginia master thesis

Following his doctoral studies he joined Janssen Pharmaceutica. He served as dean of his faculty between and

Adhesive virginia master thesis

What is particularly interesting about this letter is a paragraph stating that Futuro II was available in three models with square footage ranging from to How this additional floor space could be achieved in a Futuro House is likely explained by the architectural plans for the Futuro II-X discussed below.

The letter is undated but the marketing package likely dates from since the Futuro II-X plans are dated April and May The letter appears to have been the "cover sheet" to a marketing package.

The package included several documents and may have been something sent to individuals or groups that had expressed interest in Futuro or it may have been sent to a "mailing list".

Adhesive virginia master thesis

The package could also have included a customized set of documents depending on who it was being mailed to. In this particular case the documents were in an Adhesive virginia master thesis addressed to an individual located in Ohio that carries the following hand written note: In the case of the Motel Unit scenario each unit is noted as having "2 rental units".

The last page of the "fact sheet" carries a New Dimensions "stamp" which reads: The brochure features an exterior photo of a Futuro on the front, shots of a Futuro interior on pages two and three and an elevation and floor plan on the back.

The back of the brochure carries the same New Dimensions stamp as the "fact sheet" described above. A set of two architectural plans [ pdf ] for the Futuro II-X which appears to be an "oversized" Adhesive virginia master thesis model that featured two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a centrally located island kitchen area.

The increase in size over a conventional Futuro involved the insertion of a ten foot straight sided section between the two halves of a round unit; the Futuro II-X measured 26' in one direction and 36' in the other.

At the time the Charles Cleworth Futuro House Archive was received there was no indication that the Futuro II-X had ever been manufactured but some time later photographs of one [fate unknown] surfaced; more information on this can be found here.

There is no specific indication as to the date of the brochure but there are some clues. The brochure lists the company as Futuro Homes, Denver, Colorado [which, based on various documents, actually refers to the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado - this " fact sheet " is one example of such a document] but it also indicates that manufacturing would be by the Futuro Corporation Of Philadelphia.

By late the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado was planning to manufacture Futuro Houses themselves and had already fabricated master molds and begun manufacturing their first Futuro House [this late Stock Offering Prospectus and this series of photographs refer] which suggests that this brochure was most likely produced mid to late or before.

This 35mm slide of the Turenki photo was located elsewhere in the archive. Though not advertised as a Futuro this is clearly the top half of a Futuro [though with no windows and a diameter of 28'].


Various documents and photographs found in the archive suggest that the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado intended to manufacture Futuro's with a 28' diameter [ these plans are an example] and that they actually only manufactured a single "traditional Futuro" before moving on to a new design [ this letter refers].

That same letter describes that design as a "three-quarter" house [almost certainly seen in this series of photographs ]. It is unclear if this flyer was ever actually produced, it appears to be the "template" from which flyers would be printed as it is actually a printed sheet with the photo being an actual photo pasted onto the sheet.

Adhesive virginia master thesis

There is also no indication as to whether the unit was ever manufactured [other than the one example in the photograph] or whether there were ever any sales. It also seems possible that this may have been an "early" design and that it may ultimately have evolved into the "three-quarter" house.

The flyer features a graphic of the Futuro on the front and the "Futuro Vacation Home" is highlighted on the front as one of the two main features of the show along with something called "Dancing Waters".

On the inside of the flyer the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado as listed as exhibiting at the show on booth However the Philadelphia Company again failed to deliver and a small model of a Futuro had to be displayed at the show instead.

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According to the Stock Offering Prospectus Cleworth believed several potential sales were lost as a result and this was the start of the decline of the relationship between the two companies.

The content is similar to [though more concise than] that of a four page "fact sheet" that was included in a New Dimensions Of Delaware marketing package. This Futuro Corporation Of Colorado Stock Offering Prospectus suggests the company planned to produce a Futuro that was "substantially larger" than the original Finnish model.

Additionally these David Decker [architect to the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado] plans, dateddepict a Futuro with a diameter of 28 feet rather than the original 26 feet.

That said the "fact sheet" still indicates a unit with a diameter of 26 feet perhaps indicating it is a relatively early document.

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This item is almost identical to a second Futuro Corporation Of Colorado " fact sheet " and it differs in only two respects. On the second "fact sheet" the title line includes the qualifier "Subject To Manufacturing Changes"; this one does not. In addition the other "fact sheet" does not include the last section "Suggested Retail" which includes prices.

Though purely conjecture it seems likely that the second "fact sheet" was produced later than this one as The Futuro Corporation Of Colorado began to explore its own design for Futuro and thus almost certainly its own pricing.Jul 22,  · Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided when Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake MySpace page and harassing a .

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