Ancient egypt project

If you're stuck on ideas for school projects, then look no further. Kidzworld has come up with a couple of cool ideas for Egypt projects that you can make for your history class - or just for fun! Egypt Projects - The Pyramid Back in ancient times, the Egyptians built pyramids out of huge blocks of stones.

Ancient egypt project

Morton; Updated April 25, Photos. Ancient egypt project diorama is a creative way to tell a story about the ancient custom of mummification, and may display a scene that explains the process, shows rituals associated with it, or stars the most famous mummy of all, King Tut.

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Research facts and scenes about mummies and Egyptian life through books and online sources. Ideas to consider for your scene include a mummy resting in its tomb or being carried to its burial place in a shrine pulled by oxen. Demonstrate the religious rituals performed on mummies, such as priests anointing them with oil or draping them with garlands of flowers.

Ancient egypt project

Present an example of what ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife, and why mummification was important to it. Decide on the background for your diorama.

Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Egyptian soldiers, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, camels, the Nile River, the inside of a tomb or people mourning their loved one are examples of background scenes that represent ancient Egypt.

Sciencing Video Vault Begin the foundation of your background with printer or construction paper.

Ancient egypt project

Choose plain or colored paper depending on what is needed for your background plans. Cover the inside back and sides of the shoe box with craft glue and press the paper inside, carefully molding it to the inside of the box and trimming the edges to make a tight fit. Create pictures and designs on the background using colored pencils, markers or paint.

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Construct a 3-D effect by gluing die cuts of Egyptian people, symbols and structures to the background.

Locate die cuts in the scrapbooking section of craft stores or through online sources that sell scrapbooking supplies. Make die cuts by drawing pictures or shapes on construction paper and cutting them out, or by finding pictures and illustrations online that can be printed on card stock paper and cut out.

Build your scene using different materials. While toy Egyptian figurines are sold online, they can be expensive. Working with modeling clay is economical and an easy material to shape the mummy case from.

Etch facial features and Egyptian symbols into the clay case using a toothpick, and stick gold and silver craft beads around the head area to represent the ornate masks that were often placed on them. Clay also can be used to mold furniture, buildings and other structures.

Die cuts can be worked into the scene as well, especially those of people and animals. Make a die cut stand up by sticking its bottom edge into a base that you shape from clay.

Give your diorama an air of ancient mystery by leaving the cover of the shoebox on, but cutting an observation hole into it that viewers must peek through to see your scene. Add light, and even more intrigue by placing a couple of miniature flashlights into the box and spotlighting the mummy with one of them.Ancient Egypt Crafts Sugar Pyramid Mummified Barbie Dolls Build a Mummy Case Canopic Jars.

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Younger Child Crafts K-4th grade Pyramid Art Alphabet Code. Geographical designation in ancient Egypt follows the direction of the Nile River and so Upper Egypt is the southern region and Lower Egypt the northern area closer to the Mediterranean Sea.

Narmer ruled from the city of Heirakonopolis and then from Memphis and Abydos. Directions and project masters for over 50 projects and activities are included for topics such as: everyday life, agriculture, trade, education, writing, the sciences, the arts, great builders and their architecture, religion, medicine, government, the dynasties & kingdoms, invasions & battles, famous pharaohs, Egyptian and Biblical history, and archaeology.

The pharaohs of ancient were kings (and queens), yes, but they were really much more than that.

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The pharaoh was the symbolic father of all of the citizens of Egypt. ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS PROJECT LESSON PLAN Description of Project In this project, students work in small groups ( students) to investigate an ancient civilization and The teacher developed and presented a PowerPoint presentation on ancient Egypt to provide a model of the product the students are expected to create.

Egypt Projects - The Pyramid. Back in ancient times, the Egyptians built pyramids out of huge blocks of stones. For this fun project, you won't have to worry about rocks, or even pebbles.

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