Astronomy coursework a4

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Astronomy coursework a4

Friedman, and the prime contractor was TRW. The Principal Investigators were Dr. Modulation Collimator instrument[ edit ] Main article: Modulation collimator The A3, or Modulation Collimator MC instrument, provided high-precision positions of X-ray sources, accurate enough to permit follow-up observations to identify optical and radio counterparts.

Astronomy coursework a4

Schwartz of SAO and Dr. It was discovered in early balloon flight by experimenters in the s that passive collimators or shields, made of materials such as lead, actually increase the undesired background rate, due to the intense showers of secondary particles and photons produced by the extremely high energy GeV particles characteristic of the space radiation environment.

A plastic anti-coincidence scintillation shield, essentially transparent to gamma-ray photons, protected the detectors from high-energy charged particles entering from the front.

For all seven modules, the unwanted background effects of particles or photons entering from the rear was suppressed by a "phoswich" design, in which the active NaI detecting element was optically coupled to a layer of CsI on its rear surface, which was in turn optically coupled to a single photomultiplier tube for each of the seven units.

The extreme penetrating power of photons in this energy range made it necessary to operate the HED in electronic anti-coincidence with the surrounding CsI and also the six other detectors of the hexagon. Their FOV was defined to fan-shaped beams of 1.

Thus, working together, they covered a wide field of view, but could localize celestial sources with a precision determined by their 1.

The primary data from A4 consisted of "event-by-event" telemetry, listing each good i. The experiment had the flexibility to tag each event with its pulse height proportional to its energyand a one or two byte time tag, allowing precision timing of objects such as gamma-ray bursts and pulsars.

Petersonin collaboration with the X-ray group at MITwhere the initial A4 data reduction was performed under the direction of Prof.Helpful coursework for developing these necessary skills may include: Physics, Chemistry, Math, Computers, Foreign Language, English, Communications, Work and Study Options Internship, job shadowing, mentorship or volunteer work at the astronomy department of a local university may be an excellent way to learn more about this career choice.

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Astronomy coursework a4

Ursa Major. Ursa Major is a bright constellation and is visible from the UK all year long. Part of the constellation resembles a saucepan and is known as the Great Bear or in the USA, the Big Dipper.

Reigate College is the ‘official’ sixth form of Reigate, Warwick, de Stafford and Oakwood schools. UNC has guaranteed time on the following Skynet telescopes, all of which are available to anyone taking our Astronomy with Skynet courses: PROMPT A1 – A4, Siding Spring Observatory, Australia.

PROMPT-Australia consists of four inch diameter telescopes that we built in UNC has 90% access to PROMPT A1 – A4. where F c is the flux of the continuum, and F l is the flux elsewhere in the line.

The figure below shows the relationship between the equivalent width and the shape of the line, for a normalized line profile. Normalized line profile and equivalent width.

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