Aurobindo ghosh essay writer

Ghose chose the middle name Akroyd to honour his friend Annette Akroyd. The brothers were placed in the care of a Rev. Ghose knew through his British friends at Rangapur. The Drewetts tutored the Ghose brothers privately.

Aurobindo ghosh essay writer

Someone keeps adding copyrighted text from this site which is definitely not a neutral biographical entry of Aurobindo. There is nothing on this site to state that it is in the public domain or released under the GFDL therefore the posting of text from that site is a copyright violation and must be removed; if someone wants to add this material they can do so manually rather than taking out all the information that has been put in dealing with his life that is originally written material and not copied from some other source.

I am reverting the article to Maximus Rex and adding the hinduism message. Sri Auroindo had changed his name to Sri Aurobindo after he reached pondicherry. Although Sri in sanskrit is a prefix to any name which should be respected, Sri Aurobindo attached Sri to his own name probably to establish respect for that which was inside him, and not in the conventional sense.

Can we include his symbol it is nowhere http: It was his sincere wish to take humankind out of duality, division, ignorance, suffering, falsehood, and death and bring all human beings to a new positive existence [ The article mostly reads as if written by a disciple of Sri Aurobindo, with an occasional "His theology states that I have changed it to "Aurobindo's evolutionary philosophy".

That doesn't actually address the non-NPOV nature of the article, though. Compare this article's worshipful tone to the tones of articles JesusSun Myung Moonand Mahatma Gandhifor example. Hopefully this is better.

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It can still be improved more; i'll come back every so often and write it so it is properly NPOV with lots of refernces and citations to Sri Aurobindo's work. So it isnt "Sri Aurobindo says" preachy but rather "In ch.

But who would expect less from a Master such as he was?! Seems like these sorts of things must be left out to maintain the integrity of this article. Feel free to delete or reword those sort of statements M Alan Kazlev But that does look kind of weird inline; any thoughts one way or the other on when to use diacriticals in the body text of this kind of article?

So maybe add something to the effect that "many devottees see this coincidence of dates as significant" M Alan Kazlev It doesn't make any sense to call the bodily systems crude, and it seems to imply that when an individual begins consciously operating in spirit that then no longer need to breath or circulate blood?

I can think of a few things to change it to that would be more feasible, but I'm not an expert on Aurobindo's stance on this issue.

aurobindo ghosh essay writer

Yes perhaps best to scrap that sentence. Sri Aurobindo does speak of a new, supramentalised mode of existence, see the last two chapters of The Life Divinebut whoever wrote the above passage seems to be drawing more on statements in The Agendawithout bothering to give references.

A lot of this page still needs to be fixed with proper references, and the material checked against S. I've re-edited the paragraph, and also added some references to that section, and scrapped a POV paragraph that didn't have references.Shri Aurobindo Ghosh was deadly against the prevalent education of his times.

He has admitted that after the attainment of independence, changes have occurred in our system of education, but it is not in conformity with the mental and spiritual needs of children and demands of the nation.

Sri Aurobindo was a rare combination of poet, philosopher, writer and spiritual Master. During his time in Pondicherry he wrote several books explaining his view on Yoga and spirituality. His most notable exposition was perhaps in ‘The Life Divine’ which is a comprehensive explanation of his integral yoga.

Sri Aurobindo was a revolutionary, poet, philosopher, writer, and Spiritual Master. One of India's great modern philosophers, Aurobindo was a prolific author who expressed his views on humankind, nature, God, and the cosmos in .

aurobindo ghosh essay writer

Read this comprehensive essay on Sri Aurobindo ( A.D. – A.D.) Aurobtndo Ghose, who later came to be known as Sri Aurobindo Maharishi, was a great revolutionary, patriot, philosopher, mystic, poet, yogi and humanist.

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Sri Aurobindo Ghose () has been one of the finest thinkers and philosophers of modern India. He was also a popular leader of the freedom movement who went on to become a yogi and a mystic.

Aurobindo was born in Konnanagar (West Bengal) on August 15, Aurobindo ghosh essay about myself Sri Aurobindo Ghose has been one of the finest thinkers and philosophers of modern India. He was also a popular leader of the freedom movement who went on.

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