Cafritzs icebox essay

What was she using for refrigeration before then? People in your family, your church, and your neighborhood have led remarkable lives as well. These people want to tell their stories to someone who will listen. And your children, in interviewing these people, will come away with a new perspective on history and life.

Cafritzs icebox essay

You Tube Icehouses—Vintage Spaces with a Cool History During the early s, virtually every Texas town had an icehouse, as ice manufacturing plants were known. In large part, they supplied block ice to the frosty icon of the era, the icebox.

Written by Randy Mallory.

Cafritzs icebox essay

Cubes of ice clink brightly in a tall tumbler of iced tea. Ahhh, what a refreshing sound!

Cafritzs icebox essay

The cold chills your hand, and a nippy sip penetrates your very core. Frozen water—so simple, yet so taken for granted. It conquers a sizzling day like water extinguishes fire. But what if there was no ice to tame the dog days of summer? That was indeed the sweltering reality in most of the Lone Star State years ago.

Hellbent on creating cold, 19th-Century inventors in Texas helped lead the world into a new ice age. These men of ice proved that, even along the steamy Gulf Coast, folks could have a cold drink year round and, more importantly, preserve perishables at home and en route to distant markets.

Before the mids, the only ice in Texas except during winter came from the northern United States. Cut from frozen lakes and rivers, then transported on sailing ships to ports like Galveston, this natural ice helped preserve food for a growing coastal population. Inland, most families survived on food preserved by age-old methods—drying, smoking, salt-curing, and pickling.

Within a few years after the Civil War, the city boasted three ice companies when only five others existed in the rest of the nation. San Antonio inventor Andrew Muhl built a plant there inthen planned another for Austin. The state recorded a number of frigid firsts: Early meat-shipping successes proved the tip of the commercial iceberg.

During the late s, railroads, cobwebbing across the state, began transporting perishables in railcars refrigerated by ice enclosed in corner compartments. To replenish melted ice, ice plants and storage houses popped up all along the rail lines.

During the early s, virtually every Texas town had an icehouse, as ice manufacturing plants as well as storage facilities were known. Made of wood, lined with tin or zinc, and insulated with materials such as cork or sawdust, the icebox contained one compartment for ice and another for food.

Underneath, a drip pan, which had to be emptied periodically, collected the melted ice. However messy, this ubiquitous appliance transformed ice from a luxury into a common commodity.

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All of the following sites are wheelchair accessible unless othewise noted. Adapted Ice Plants A number of historic ice manufacturing plants in Texas have been adapted to alternate uses.

Such sites include the following: Ice House Museum, Ernest Ave. Mezzanine not wheelchair accessible. The center also houses King Ranch offices and hosts wedding receptions, parties, and business functions.

Icehouse Restaurant, S. Backdoor Theatre, Indiana in Wichita Falls Only one performance space is wheelchair accessible, but accommodations are made whenever possible. Luling Icehouse Pottery, E. Neighborhood Icehouses You can find icy-cold beer and sometimes more at neighborhood icehouses across the state, including these legendary Houston icehouses:Free Essays words ( pages) Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov Essay - There is no denying that the housewife, who can cook like a chef and look like a model, is an icon of the s; most of the iconic women during this time were housewives.

Tell Me about Your Life as a Trapeze Artist: Interview into Narrative Essay SHARON’S BLOG My great-grandmother marked the day in her journal when she received her first icebox.

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Peanut butter icebox pie Bakeshop, N. Fillmore St., Arlington; ,; $ The icebox pies at Bakeshop are equally rich in flavor and nostalgia.

The Joseph Campbell Preserve Company, a canning concern which grew out of an business partnership between a fruit merchant and an ice box manufacturer, was well established by the time Arthur Dorrance succeeded Joseph Campbell as president.

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