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Frozen pizza

The fascinating history of frozen pizza By Kevin Farrell September 12, 8: This is the fascinating history of the frozen pizza. Frozen pizza began appearing in grocery stores across the Northeastern U. An August patent application filing by Frozen pizza Mr.

Joseph Bucci is one of our first historical pieces of evidence of the the product. In his application, Bucci drew up a shallow disc of dough with a slightly depressed center to be filled with sauce.

Notably, the only mention of cheese in the patent filing is an aside about optional strips of the stuff being added along with anchovies! It sounds like more of a tomato pie to me, but nevertheless, inthe patent was granted.

Frozen pizza was off Frozen pizza the races. Perhaps Bucci was inspired by the sale of the first frozen pizzas just two months prior to his patent application in Boston grocery stores. The product sold under the name Roma Pizza, and is notable in retrospect for being branded a refrigerated pizza, and not a frozen one.

While certainly a sensation in New England, Romas sometimes suffered from soggy dough that made the cooked product ultimately inedible. By the mid s, the New England trend had spread throughout the country.

But the first person to really crack the code on frozen dough, tomato sauce and cheese was none other than Rose Totino.

Frozen pizza

Yes, the Rose Totino of eventual pizza rolls notoriety. After opening a successful Italian restaurant in Minnesota with her husband Jim, Totino ultimately came to find that there was more money in making frozen pies than there was in baking fresh ones off.

Frozen pizza had become water cooler talk in the s, following something of a national controversy which saw some frozen pizza makers skimping on the cheese. Was cheese but a topping, like pepperoni or mushrooms, to be selectively placed atop a pie? Or was cheese a critical third ingredient, along with sauce and dough, required to appear generously for a dish to truly be considered a pizza?

This did not go well. Dairy farmers were livid that the figure was so low. Ultimately, the USDA backed away from the issue entirely, leaving the rest of the country to vote with their dollars on the topic of the correct amount of cheese.

Inanother Minnesota pizza maker — who knew, right? And speaking of pizza novelties, in the other great afterschool snack of a generation made its debut. Bagel Bites, the brainchild of Floridians Bob Mosher and Stan Garczynski, were such an instant success that the two quickly sold their hit off to a Canadian beer maker.

Sensing some supply-chain efficiencies, ketchup-maker Heinz would eventually come to own the brand in just a few short years. Today DiGiorno is not only the top-selling frozen pizza brand in the world, but its sales account for nearly half of all frozen pizzas sold. Frozen pizza is just a vehicle for vegetables and other healthy foods now.

You can quote me on that.At Udi’s®, we believe if you call something a pizza, it needs to taste outstanding. Our gluten free pizzas and pizza crusts are thin, crispy and absolutely delicious.

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Late night? Frozen on a budget? Frozen pizza. Don’t feel like making dinner?Frozen pizza. You get the idea.

Frozen pizza

Simply put, people love frozen pizza, in particular, is here to. Whatever your flavor, we have something for you. Explore all of our varieties and crust styles.

Nutrition (⅓ pizza, g): calories, 12 g fat (5 g saturated fat), mg sodium, 33 g carbs (2 g fiber, 4 g sugar), 12 g protein. Amy's pizza is made with organic tomatoes, which is important as scientists have found this pesticide-free version of the red fruit actually has higher levels of cancer-fighting lycopene.

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