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Geography internal assessment closer river human infrastru

Malaysia is located in the equatorial regionand has a tropical rainforest climate. Climate change is likely to have a significant effect on Malaysia, increasing sea levels and rainfall, increasing flooding risks and leading to large droughts. The Northeast Monsoon brings in more rainfall compared to the Southwest Monsoon, [4] originating in China and the north Pacific.

The southwest monsoon originates from the deserts of Australia. March and October form transitions between the two monsoons. The lowlands have a similar temperature, but follow a more distinctive rainfall pattern and show very high humidity levels.

The highlands are cooler and wetter, and display a greater temperature variation. The lowest temperature Official was recorded at Cameron Highlands on 1 February at 7.

Malaysia is located on the Sunda shelfand is tectonically inactive. The oldest rocks in the country date from million years ago, and are mostly sedimentary. The most common form of rock is limestoneformed during the Paleozoic Era. Limestone laid down in East Malaysia during the Tertiary period has since eroded, and such erosion forms basins of sedimentary rocks rich in oil and natural gas.

The mountain ranges in Malaysia were formed through orogenesis beginning in the Mesozoic era. The two distinct parts of Malaysia, separated from each other by the South China Seashare a largely similar landscape in that both West Peninsular and East Malaysia feature coastal plains rising to hills and mountains.

There are only two major cities, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Much of southern Sarawak is coastal lowlands, which shifts to a series of plateaus going north, ending in the mountainous regions of Sabah.

The highest mountain range in Malaysia is the Crocker Range in Sabah, which divides the state in half. This range includes Mount Kinabaluthe highest mountain in the country, [8] as well as Mount Tambuyukonthe third highest in the country. Mount Kinabalu, at 4, The mountains contain many jagged limestone peaks.

Bombalai Hill in Sabah is the only active volcano in Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia contains numerous mountain ranges running parallel from north to south along the peninsula.

Geography internal assessment closer river human infrastru

These mountains are heavily forested, and mainly composed of granite. Malaysia is relative flat, with most of its mountains is not very tall, which is good for rainforest to flourish.IB GEOGRAPHY INTERNA L ASSESSMENT The Waitakere River A Fieldwork Investigation into the Discharge of the Waitakere River it gives an indication as to how much water is in the river, and how close it is to with very limited human construction.

(McClure, ) To that end, the. Geo Warm up #2 Continent activity Continents and Oceans quiz Complete atlas scavenger hunt 5 Themes of geography- Location Location-absolute and relative.

The term School-Based Assessment replaces other terms used at various levels for internal assessment. The use of portfolios, observations, learning journals, presentations, observations, peer evaluations and research assignments in the SBA should be endorsed and implemented.

The topic of people and economic activity investigates the relationship between economic activity and the physical and human environment.

Aquaculture has been used as the global economic activity and an Oyster Farm on the Hawkesbury River has been used for the local enterprise.

Global Economic Activity (Aquaculture). – internal and. GEOG1 Physical and Human Geography Mark Scheme examination - January series. • demonstrate a simplistic style of writing perhaps lacking close relation to the terms of the Direct precipitation/channel catch over the river channel (1).

River erosion is when the land is worn away as the water flows along the river bed and banks. There are four main types of river erosion. These are: Attrition - is when the stones carried in the load of the river are themselves worn down.

Stones are smoothed, rounded and made smaller by the process of attrition.

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