How do we locate philippine art

Prehistory of the Philippines Tabon Caves are the site of one of the oldest human remains found in the Philippines: Tabon Man Recent discovery of stone tools and fossils of butchered animal remains in Rizal, Kalinga has pushed back evidence of early hominins in the archipelago to as early asyears.

How do we locate philippine art

Source More on the Value of Antiques Certain types of antiques hold their value even in a recession or in hard economic times. Metal such as bronze statues, silverware or other antique metal items can earn you a tidy sum of money.

Of course sterling silver is worth much more than silver plate. Sterling silver is Silver plated flatware, trays, coffee pots, sugar bowls, creamers, and trays can be picked up at thrift shops for very low prices.

Religious items may not get you what you want. Old things are often valued due to scarcity. People keep religious items and pass them down for years. Also, may religious people feel uncomfortable selling a religious painting or statue, especially if it has been blessed.

Just because an object is attractive does not mean that it is valuable. A friend of mine was selling off some pieces and found that a very ugly old lamp sold for an impressive amount of money.

The fact was the piece was rare and in demand by collectors. The popularity of various items vary over time. Something that may have been a hot commodity in may have fallen out of fashion.

If lots of people are hunting for a particular item, the value will rise. Today, people like mid 20th century furniture and dishware so they can be quite expensive.

Design trends change the demand for antiques and collectibles. Modern buyers often look for the cleaner lines of minimalism. Overly ornate Victorian furniture does not fit that look. That means Victorian furniture, dishware, and decorative items may be cheaper than it was twenty years ago which is good news for buyers but bad news for sellers.

Modern trends favor Arts and Crafts styles with clean lines and simple forms in furniture, dishware, home decor, metalwork, and pottery. If you bought an item because a company promised that it would eventually become valuable that does not mean that it has actually increased in value.

Think about it - if everyone and their brother ran out and bought, then hoarded tons of say, Franklin Mint plates, then all decide at the same time to sell them, they will not be worth much.

No one can see into the future so promises of an increase in value are meaningless.

How do we locate philippine art

And there is nothing that you can do about it. When selling your antiques through a dealer, it behooves you to establish a relationship with a trustworthy and reputable person. Talk to people you know who can recommend an antiques or collectibles dealer that they have done business with in the past.

You can't just show up one day hoping for a bonanza, but need to establish your own reputation as an honest and trustworthy seller, especially if you do not have a bona fide appraisal to go along with the object that you are trying to sell.

Learn the ins and outs of Ebay auctions and always use Paypal. Create a buzz for the antique that you wish to sell by hawking on other sites including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Draw interest in your product by advertising, or writing articles about antiques, featuring the types of antiques or collectibles that you wish to sell.

Selling Your Antique or Collectible on Craigslist I know plenty of people who have arranged successful deal s on Craiglist both buying and selling. But there are horror stories too. If you must ,arrange to meet the buyer in a public place for your own safety.

Of course, you can't sell a Victorian armoire and meet the buyer in the parking lot at Denny's. Well, maybe you can, but it may be a bit cumbersome and kind of ridiculous. Selling Your Antique or Collectible at a Consignment Shop Most consignment shops will arrange to pick up and item at your home.

Pay attention to the contract and their sales practices.

What others are saying "Metro Manila, Philippines Art Print (I live in Las Piñas!" "Showing in Philippines showcases upcoming Philippine Concerts, Movies, TV, and Events throughout the world". We also agree to the fact that discovering the Philippines' culture needs a lot of time. You cannot do it in one day, but it's exactly this slow approach, this looking for hints and traces that makes discovering the Philippine's culture so interesting. The Filipino Academy of Art, established in , shows early art reflecting Spanish and religious themes. How do Malays lived and survived in the Philippines?Do they already invent many and other things? Very informative it helps me and my daughter do her report about Philippine. We're here in Canada so it's difficult to find book.

Some consignment shops lower the price drastically if the item does not sell in a specified amount of time. You want to be sure that you are comfortable with the lowered price.How Do We Locate Philippine Arts? The development of human civilization would have not been as remarkable as it is now without the advent of arts in ancient societies.

Perhaps it would then suffice to say that throughout the history of mankind, it is us who created and polished arts from its most primitive form to its prominent status in today’s society.

Sep 09,  · Antiques and Collectibles—How to Value and Sell Your Old Things.

How do we locate philippine art

Updated on October 9, Dolores Monet. When we talk about the value of an antique, we can mean several things. If you do find a copy of your book for sale, see if you can find a "sold" price. The asking price does not mean they will actually get that kaja-net.coms: What others are saying "Metro Manila, Philippines Art Print (I live in Las Piñas!" "Showing in Philippines showcases upcoming Philippine Concerts, Movies, TV, and Events throughout the world".

Find this Pin and more on PHILIPPINE ART by Laurita Ylagan. by National Artist, Fernando Amorsolo Fernando Amorsolo, Filipino folk oil painter for The exhibit “Pioneers of Philippine Art” at Ayala Museum features the works of Filipino masters Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Fernando Zobel.

The art of the Philippines refers to the works of art that have developed and accumulated in the Philippines from the beginning of civilization in the country up to the present era. It reflects to its society and non-Filipinos the wide range of cultural influences on the country's culture and how these influences honed the country's arts.

Philippine culture is a combination of Eastern and Western cultures. The Philippines exhibits aspects found in other Asian countries with a Malay heritage, yet its culture also displays a significant number of Spanish and American influences.

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