Islamic finance research papers

There are some main principles to be followed in Islamic banking. First of all, it prohibits interest, or Riba. Riba is forbidden in Islam, and therefore Islamic banking system adopts the principle of profit and loss sharing.

Islamic finance research papers

September 3rd, Leave a comment Go to comments Islamic financial institutions now operate in over 75 countries. At the time, Islamic banks were typically commercial banks operating on an interest-free basis.

Today, as a consequence of broad changes in the political-economic environment a new generation of Islamic financial institutions, more diverse and innovative, is emerging as the doctrine is undergoing a new aggiornamento. Perhaps the most important development has been the growing integration of Islamic finance into the global economy.

Islamic finance is thus in many ways well suited to the global economy. In addition, how could a medieval economic system be relevant in a world of revolutionary, technology-driven global finance?

And how could an interest-free system fit within the broader interest-based financial system? The globalization of finance has in fact allowed Islamic finance to thrive, especially since there has been in recent years a fusion of sorts between Islamic and conventional banking.

Whereas the traditional world of finance, dominated by commercial, interest-based, banking could raise potentially troublesome theological issues, the new world of finance, characterized by the blurring of distinctions between commercial banking and other areas of finance, the downgrading of interest income, and financial innovation, has been rife with opportunities for Islamic financial institutions.

Indeed, Islamic finance has driven financial modernization in many parts of the Muslim world.

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A related argument is that the aggiornamento of the s—the period when Islamic teachings were updated to create the first Islamic banks—is falling into obsolescence, and that a new aggiornamento, barely noticed in most writings on the subject, is emerging. The two updates have evolved under sharply different contexts.

Islamic finance research papers

It was dominated by oil-producing Arab states primarily Saudi Arabiawith some input from Egypt and Pakistan. Since that period, the world of finance has undergone a dramatic transformation.

The visions of banking or of the world economy that prevailed in the seventies are barely relevant today. Perceptions of Islamic finance in the West cannot be separated from general perceptions of Islam, as a monolithic, unchanging and somewhat fossilized belief system.

In reality, Islamic finance reflects the diversity of a 14 century-old, 1. Islamic financial institutions come in all shapes and forms: Some are virtually identical to their conventional counterparts, while others are markedly different.

Islamic Finance Research Topics

Some are solely driven by religious considerations, others use religion as a way of sidestepping regulation, as a shield against government interference, as a tool for political change, or simply as a way of attracting customers. It should finally be noted that there are considerable disagreements among Islamic scholars as to which financial instruments are religiously acceptable.

Islamic finance is a complex and paradoxical phenomenon.

Islamic finance research papers

A brief overview of a leading Islamic banking group suggests the limits of facile and sweeping generalizations: In sum, the story of Islamic finance is a vastly complicated one, and cannot be captured without a full understanding of religion and finance, but also of history, politics, economics, business and culture.Subprime loans would not have been allowed, and credit done with profit loss sharing would have avoided having so many people taking loans and defaulting in the first place.

In Islamic finance, assets should back up all loans. Finally, Islamic finance is against insurance companies. ISLAMIC FINANCE 2 INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Islamic Finance: Opportunities, Challenges, and Policy Options Prepared by Alfred Kammer, Mohamed Norat, Marco Piñón, Ananthakrishnan Prasad.

Formally launched in the s, this industry has deep roots in Islamic law (Sharia) and offers many implications for modern finance.

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In this survey, we explore key aspects of Islamic financing through banking, capital markets, and private contracting. Write a Triumphant Islamic Finance Research Paper There are mixed reviews about concept Islamic banking and financial institution across the globe.

Research papers on Islamic Finance and Islamic banking research proposal show such concepts in a better way.5/5. Islamic banking and finance to take stock of the situation and plan for the future. Its focus is the current situation.

It is not an historical account of the evolution of Islamic banking and finance in theory and practice. More attention is paid to ∗ Former Professor, Center for Research in Islamic Economics, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

Islamic Finance is a financial system that doesn’t work like other conventional banking systems. It follows the Islamic law, Shariah, which doesn’t allow certain aspects of a .

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