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As an employee you are given access to all your employment related information such as pay stubs, work schedule, taxes, employee benefits, kleaves and much more. The move was imperative to ensure high standards of communication while maintaining an employee base of more thanacross America.

Jc penney case

Tricia August 18, at 1: This is beyond disturbing, and I cannot believe someone like this is working in customer service!!!!!!!!!!! I Had my receipts for the exchanges, gave them to the associate named Cavita, yes I am using her name! She insisted that the receipt was not for the shirt, I read the receipt, and low and behold, 3rd item on the receipt was the shirt I was returning, now she is really made, huffing and puffing, slamming the keys on the register as she types the item number in, and it came up as the shirt in front of her, she rings in the replacement, and throws the shirt on the empty bag on the counter.

She then threw the shirts on top of the other, not bagged. I waited about 5 min for the manager to come down, I told her exactly what was said by the cashier to another customer about me, and made sure the manager knew the other cashier heard her as well.

The manager apologized for what it was worth, and said she was taking her off the register once she was done with the transaction she started.

Jc penney case

I cannot believe that someone like her is working in customer service, she needs some serious training, or put her in the back room to syock shelves, she does not belong working with the public!!!!!!! Kerri L Lovelace August 9, at I have held a JC Penney account in excess of 20 plus years. Last weekend I was shopping in this same location and was shocked at how the employee customer service has become terrible!

It has declined very low! Not too long ago when shopping in this same store I never experienced what I did this past weekend. Not one employee on the registers understood how to apply the reward credit while purchasing with the bonus bucks or even simply applying the extra percentage off when using the JC Penney credit card.

There were three associated working these registers! It was mass confusion. I watched several customers in line put their merchandise down and leave because it was so confusing. I asked the associate to please call management to straighten out the confusion with applying credits to the transaction, so she did.

The manager never came to the registers. They simply called them back which meant I had to spend another minutes waiting at the register.

Needless to say frustrations were running very high. No one ever came to help the associate to process the transaction correctly. I wanted to contact Corporate Management of JC Penney because I feel it is a shame for this store to close over the poor management of customer service.

Thank you for taking time to read my email. I am a loyal customer who will begin to shop elsewhere. Penney never ships your order and never has sizes, they put you on a waiting list just to be told item unavailable.

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As for Corporate they think they are above the customer. You could never get a hold of anyone. All the loyal customer should come together and not shop at JC Penny for one month.Transcript of BA CASE ANALYSIS - JCPENNEY.

Overview When it comes to leadership and motivating employees, Every Day Matters Problem Statement Alternatives Decision Matrix "Learn from JC Penney’s Mistakes: 3 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover" William "Bill" Ackman JCPenney’s lack of leadership causes downfall on its company’s.


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Why or. Jc penney case study 1. PRESENTED BY: ZAHID MEHRAJ LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY BBA-MBA 2. JC Penney Chief Breathes New Life into an American icon Jc Penney is the series of American mid rang department stores situated in plano,texas and north part of Dallas.

JCPenney History. JCPenney, also called JCP or Penneys, was founded by James Cash Penney in as the Golden Rule Store. Penney bought out his 2 partners in and began calling the stores J.C. Penny in

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