Logistics in pharma sector

Temperature control, security, chain of custody, and regulatory compliance obstacles can stop pharmaceutical manufacturers at every turn. Strategic supply chain management helps provide a way out. More to the Story: Coordinating Two Inbound Supply Chains Pharmaceutical producers combine ingredients precisely, under specific conditions, while negotiating a maze of stringent regulations and quality controls.

Logistics in pharma sector

This item has been saved to your reading list. Which path will you take? Supply chain, the link between the laboratory and the marketplace, needs a thorough revision Most pharma have complex supply chains that are under-utilised, inefficient and ill-equipped to cope with the sort of products coming down the pipeline.

Inbound Logistics

This new report predicts that in order to meet the demands of a fast evolving marketplace and the shift from patient to outcome, the pharma supply chain will need to undergo a radical overhaul. Numerous forces are reshaping the environment in which the industry operates and dictating the need for a different sort of supply chain Bythe more diverse product types and therapies with shorter product lifecycles; new ways for assessing, approving and monitoring medicines; increasing emphasis on outcomes; new modes of delivering healthcare where the care is pushed into the community and where access to information on patients will become as important as the products themselves; the growing importance of emerging markets; a greater public scrutiny impacting the ability to manage risk and compliance; and, tougher environmental controls and regulations will oblige companies to strategically reassess their supply chain approach.

Timely access to various emerging technologies will increase the efficiency of the manufacturing and distribution functions New technologies are emerging to help pharma companies manufacture a wider and more complex range of medicines, distribute them and also to speed the interface with the patient and getting closer than ever.

Collaboration between the parties involved in the healthcare provision will contribute to make the industry more efficient The supply chains for designing, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical devices plus those providing healthcare services will integrate so that all partners can see the full picture and help them plan ahead more accurately and cost-effective.

Logistics in pharma sector

What route should companies take? There are two options for companies focusing on specialist therapies and treatments for orphan diseases and two options for companies focusing on mass-market medicines. Most companies will fall into one of those options although large players may cover both ends of the spectrum.UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund - Direct Plan (G) [] - Explore UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund - Direct Plan (G) for information, and updates on latest NAV, performance.

A number of challenges continue to exist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Seizing Opportunities in China’s Cold Chain Logistics - China Business Review You go to your medicine cabinet and find some cold medicine, only to find that it has expired. What do you do with the expired medication?

These challenges were discussed by a senior pharmaceutical executive recently. Our People.

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The quality of peoples life is directly proportion to the commitment of excellence. Working at Delta Pharma Limited is like being part of an extended family. 1 LOGISTICS DEVELOPMENTS WITHIN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY In comparison with pioneering sectors such as FMCG, retail and electronics, the pharma industry is somewhat behind when it comes to logistics developments like distribution network optimization and Sales & .

The pharmaceutical logistics sector is the most highly-regulated of most logistics operations, with stricter rules and more data-heavy tracking requirements, so we spoke to several leaders in the field to find out what the future holds for pharma logistics in the Middle East. DHL Life Sciences and Healthcare Sector Week.

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Logistics in pharma sector
Changes in pharma supply chains: Pharma PwC