Microsoft surface

March 31,

Microsoft surface

This year's model offers two notable perks: Still, the Surface Laptop 2 presents a beautifully clean vision for the PC, and this update allows it to keep up with our other favorite ultraportable laptops. Design I love, love, love the Surface Laptop 2's lid, a Microsoft surface piece of aluminum with tight corners and a chrome logo.

The lid looks especially neat in our black test unit, though the Alcantara fabric-covered deck looks closer to gray, and I wish it were darker.

The same goes for the Cobalt Blue and Burgundy models. On top of all that, Microsoft's selling a Blush Pink Surface Laptop that looks fantastic, but is only available in in China. Ports Annoyingly, the Surface Laptop is stuck in the past when it comes to ports. On its left, you'll find a USB 3.

Want to use a modern, reversible Type-C port? One point for Microsoft, though, is that its Surface Connector power cable uses magnets to attach, similar to the MagSafe technology that Apple used to offer, and no longer does. This kind of port comes in handy if the cord is accidentally tugged on, and doesn't pull the laptop away with the cable onto the floor.

This port isn't new -- it first arrived in the Surface Pro -- but it's still something that helps Microsoft's notebook stand out. Water registered in an incredibly tranquil blue, a snake appeared in a vivid, eye-popping shade of green, and I saw an insane amount of detail in its eyes, thanks to the notebook's x pixel screen.

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According to our colorimeter, the Surface Laptop 2 produces percent of the sRGB spectrum, a rating that rockets past the percent category average.

The Surface Laptop 2's screen is also plenty bright, emitting up to nits, which exceeds the premium laptop average. Colors stayed bright, though, when viewed 45 degrees to the left. Highest Resolution Screens Tapping, swiping and doodling on the Surface Laptop 2's touch screen is speedy and responsive.

Edge-swipes from the left and right sides of the screen activated the timeline and control center, respectively, without lag.

Keyboard and Touchpad The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2's keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience with cushy keys. Testing the Surface Laptop 2 out on the 10fastfingers typing test, I clicked my way to 78 words per minute, coming close to my 80 wpm average.

The Surface Laptop 2's keys offer 1. While the former is shy of the 1.

Microsoft surface

Not only did it accurately register my clicks as I navigated the desktop, but it recognized Windows 10's three-finger app-switching gestures. The speakers did better with the high end of the sound, giving detail to vocals and guitars, but they lacked that strength in the low-end on the bass lines.

I didn't notice a single stutter as I split the screen between a p YouTube video and more than 12 Chrome tabs including Giphy, TweetDeck and the Google Doc for this review.Microsoft launched its fifth generation Surface Pro in India in February this year, after almost six months of its international launch.

This flagship tablet by Microsoft has been setting the benchmark every year in terms of how practical such a solution can be for someone who wants a light and. Find great deals on eBay for microsoft surface pro.

Shop with confidence. Get the perfect used Microsoft Surface and save big. Buy a Microsoft Surface for some of the lowest prices on the internet. AT&T and Microsoft Surface AT&T is using the world’s first commercial use of Microsoft’s innovative Surface technology.

AT&T is harnessing the power of Surface to . Jul 12,  · About Surface Forums is the largest Microsoft Surface Tablet Forum on the web featuring the latest Surface News, Tips, Hacks, Help, FAQ, and more! Oct 02,  · Microsoft announced a new version of its desktop computer Surface Studio, and its first pair of smart headphones.

It also announced the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2.

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