Motivating high school students

Great Advice Take away assignments are an important aspect in any education system. This is because they offer more time to learn outside school hours. There is some proof that students who spend more time doing assignments attain better grades at school. Teachers may engage in various schoolwork practices such as:

Motivating high school students

I had no plans, no notion of how to put my ideas into action. Therein lies the truest motivator: Fortunately for me and my parents—I finally moved out! Coach a sport, help with the school musical, throw together a game of pickup in the gym.

Students see them in a different light and earn a new kind of admiration and respect; this translates into more effort in class. The VIP is an ally: All kiddos have one, their Very Important Person. My husband reached out to the cousin and asked for an ally, and they worked together to motivate the student into staying in school.

Be seen, not heard: Get in on the action: When our students see us as people and not just teachers, they connect with us on a more personal level.

Motivating high school students

Students notice when their teacher is invested in the school. Give students options in the classroom. If students have a hand in making decisions about their education, they are more likely to commit to them. Personal growth is just as important as formal education, and a great way to track that growth is to set realistic goals.

The success in goal setting is not simply establishing them but holding students accountable for them. For fifth graders or seniors in high school, pizza goes a long way. A homework pass or a school-wide acknowledgment of their successes are great ways to give students a pat on the back and continue supporting and motivating them.

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Shockingly, not all students are this nerdy. But I bet you have a student in your class that can change the oil in your car, or who may be the greatest babysitter. Use their strengths, and not just in class. SergeyNivens Posted by Stephanie Jankowski English teacher by trade, smack talker by nature, Stephanie Jankowski loves words and has a knack for finding the funny in everyday life.

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A mother of three in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Stephanie subscribes to the mantra:Students who possess intrinsic motivation take on activities because of the feelings of enjoyment and accomplishment they evoke. Students who possess extrinsic motivation perform to gain a reward or avoid a punishment.

Ask the students to define the concept of motivation. Take multiple You are a physics tutor at your high school.

Peter is struggling in physics and comes to your tutoring sessions twice a week.

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However, Microsoft Word - Sample Motivating Yourself and Author. Middle grades teachers can help students find an intrinsic reward in school-related reading. At the heart of reading engagement is the desire to gain new knowledge, follow the excitement of a narrative, or expand one's experiences.

Motivation and Student Success. this study found that students who place a high priority (in their decision to go to college) on meeting and interacting with peers tend to earn lower grades than do students for whom that is a lesser motivation.


The research was conducted at the Warner School of Education at Rochester, by Guiffrida. When students experience self-determination, they are and creating a supportive, caring social environment” (Committee on Increasing High School Students’ Engagement and Motivation to Learn, , p.3) Goal – What an individual strives to accomplish Feedback emphasizing progress is the most effective in motivating a student.

In an inner-city high school with about students, of whom 95% are Hispanic and about 80% qualify for the federal free or reduced cost lunch program, Jaime Escalante established a rigorous math curriculum and helped prepare hundreds of students for the AP Calculus exam (Gillman, ; Escalante, ).

New study links student motivations for going to college to their success