Pencils are better than pens

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Pencils are better than pens

I have ordered this post starting with the things you need the most, and ending with the least essential supplies.

I love mine, and it comes with a large variety of black tips. The brush tip is my favorite, but I love them all.

Pencils are better than pens

I have not regretted this purchase. I put some washi tape around the bottom of mine to help me be able to easily grab the tip I want without having to read the marker.

You can see on the page below I used a variety of these markers- from thin tips, to thicker tips, to the brush tip at the bottom. The brush tips are what allow you to create the lines that get thicker and thinner. I like to use this when writing in cursive- so pretty! Do the black pens bleed through bible paper?

I did try the micron pens that everyone recommends, but I highly prefer my faber castell set. I gave the micron pen to a friend. In fact, I think it bled through more as some time passed.

So when I wanted to journal the page behind it, I painted over the bleed through with cheap white acrylic paint. Shoot- I even love the smell! You can see that Lydia has good saturation here, and even accomplished some blending.

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Do the colored pencils bleed through bible paper? Gelatos My most favoritest bible journaling supply ever are Faber Castell gelatos! You do not need these, but man are they fun! What I love about gelatos: Next I got the bright color setand the metallics. Lol- I told you I love these things!

Do gelatos bleed through bible paper? I, however, made cute crafty tags for the books of the bible, so I just mark my journaled pages at the top with these simple post-it tags.

I was expecting to be disappointed with them remembering my gel pens in middle school and how they were never capable of laying down consistent ink but these actually work very well!

They color over almost anything with ease.


Gelatos do have to be thoroughly dry before the gel pen can be used over them, but it still works. Does the gel pen bleed? Then paint with your watercolors.

If it wrinkles up while drying, you can place a piece of computer paper over the page, and then iron it flat with your regular iron no steam. Washi Tape This is a fun and easy way to add splashed of color and whimsy to your pages, but is a totally unnecessary supply.

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Of course, washi tape can also help you attach things into your bible. I like using the colorful markers because it can go over the text of the bible and still be read through.

Another unnecessary supply, but still fun. Do the colorful markers bleed through? Well, yes they do.


But not that bad. Or another color of colored pencil.

Pencils are better than pens

Or I might make a box outline around the verses with my black pen. Not really, but you can see the color a little bit. The journaling bible is supposed to be beautiful and artsy- not perfect.

And if it bleeds through and you really want to journal the page behind it in the future, you can paint over it with white paint. And you know what they say… chickens are the gateway drug of farming!M ( mm) was one of the other lead sizes most commonly used in 19th-century mechanical pencils, and now virtually impossible to find.

Our true mm lead will fit M nozzles, albeit a bit loosely. Best Solution to Store and Organize Your Colored Pencils and Art Supplies!

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Smart and lightweight pencil case is the perfect solution for organizing all your colored pencils, slim pen, art supplies with 72 . Keep our pens on your desk or in your bag.

MUJI has a huge range of well-designed stationery items for your daily life for you to choose from, whether you're working, studying or . A pencil is an implement for writing or drawing constructed of a narrow, solid pigment core inside a protective casing which prevents the core from being broken and/or from leaving marks on the user’s hand during use..

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