Problems teachers face teaching adolescents essay

Peer-Pressure and Competition Eating Disorders Surprisingly, all of these problems are connected to one another, like a chain reaction. When the teens face self-esteem and body image problems, they can become frustrated, resulting in eating disorders. The teens start feeling stress when they are exposed to peer-pressure and competition at school, or child abuse at home. Many teens take to drinking and smoking in order to relieve the stress.

Problems teachers face teaching adolescents essay

Essay on Emotional Problems of Adolescence Article shared by The adolescent feels a great deal of insecurity in his relations with others and particularly with adults. The society hopes and expects that he should behave like an adult but not too much like an adult.

This state of affairs causes a sense of insecurity and anxiety. The problem could have been solved, had the society placed before him definite standards of teenage behaviour. The anxiety is also caused by the fact that the adolescent is living in two kinds of societies-teenage society and adult society.

The behaviour that satisfies one irritates the other. Therefore, the adolescent is living constantly in a state of tension. Anxiety is caused also by a number of thwarting.

Take for example sex. Auto sexual behaviour is frowned upon in our society and sexual relations are forbidden to adolescents. Certain forms of sexual activity are punished by law and by adult society.

Sexual Problems Ideally, the adolescent is supposed to wait until a certain age when economic independence has been achieved and marriage and subsequent monogamous, heterosexual activities are condoned.

However, throughout adolescence models for non- conventional behaviour are many and stimulation for sexual activity is generally strong. The society imposes limitations on sexual expression and creates problems for the adolescents. It regards even, simple sexual urges as immoral and reprehensible.

When the individual reaches his middle teens he is able to perform all the adult sexual functions. But society wants that he should postpone sexual expression, until marriage, there is freedom in print, as shown in many novels and stories. There is freedom also on the stage. Still most people speak of sex with embarrassment indicative of anxiety.

Hence, the adolescents do not get clear answers to their problems regarding sex. The sexual activity in the males is strongest during ten years and gradually declines after This heightened male sex drive creates further problems for the adolescent boys.

Although during these years, the desire of sexual activity is at its height there is no approved way in which it can be satisfied. The male adolescent tries to get some relief through masturbation. The solution of these sex problems becomes necessary in school and colleges. A compulsory programme of sex education has been suggested so that the adolescent may be better informed about sex and may be better able to discuss sex problem objectively and bravely.The Most Common Problems Teenagers Face Today Teenagers face real problems on a daily basis during the most awkward growth stages of their lives; between 13 and years-old.

During this time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming external and internal struggles. 7 Biggest Challenges Teachers Face.

Tweet: 98 Comments. Jill Hare | Educators have the opportunity to make a huge impact on students, but with that opportunity comes many challenges. Many teachers wish their teacher training programs did a better job of preparing them for these real classroom .

The biggest challenge in education today is that parents are not performing their duties as first teacher to their kids in education. Many parents left their kids behind and keep putting the blame on the teachers due to their misunderstanding of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Problems Teachers Face Teaching Adolescents Essay - Students experience a lot of changes in themselves and their behaviors between elementary school and high school. Adolescents are expected to take on a lot of responsibilities that they have not previously been accustomed to.

We will write a custom essay sample on Problems teenagers face specifically for you for only $ $/page. In high school, children tend to have a different teacher for each subject.

This puts a huge strain on, in elementary school, children work with their teachers all day.

Problems teachers face teaching adolescents essay

Another huge problem that teenagers face is. Get an answer for 'What are some problems adolescents face and some solutions?based on problem of adolescent like physicalhealth adjustment teaching learning relationshipin school occupational.

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