Remediation essay new media has allowed

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Remediation essay new media has allowed

The images used for the video are free to use vectors for learning and reference use and have been collected from http: The remediated text is distributed via the internet using YouTube. Unlike the original version, which was limited in its ability to reach consumers by the technology of the era, the remediated version has the potential to reach anyone with internet access.

In your own words, briefly describe the process of remediating your text After deciding what text I would be, remediating my next step was to decide the overall look I wanted to achieve with the video.

As the song Strange Fruit is a somber piece, I wanted the colour theme to be very muted or monochromatic and the visuals to be simple, but have an impact. The idea for creating a simple animation that looked like paper cutouts was inspired by an art unit I am currently undertaking.

Instead of using paper, I chose to use vectors that were either silhouettes or edit the vectors to suit. To achieve each image, I used Adobe Illustrator to edit, manipulate, and save the images. Using Illustrator for this project meant that I needed to use my previously required skill of drawing an image in Illustrator.

Remediation essay new media has allowed

The only copyright issue I might face would be the use of the audio to Strange Fruit. Throughout this remediation assignment, I developed and improved my skills in using Adobe Illustrator to make, manipulate, and edit vectors. I also learnt new skills in using the Cyberlink Power Director to make the video.

The skills that I learnt included, editing music, adding images and setting them to music and overall video editing. In what ways does your remediated text demonstrate an understanding of how remediation impacts on the contemporary media environment?

When comparing the remediated text to the original quite a few changes are apparent in the production, distribution, or consumption of the text. One of the most obvious changes would be the use of technology. InBillie Holidays rendition of Strange Fruit was likely recorded on a double-sided rpm shellac disc.

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This would most likely have been played on a gramophone. The remediated version was produced using a laptop, the internet, and various software.

The changes concerning distribution are most obvious in the accessibility of the original and remediated version of Strange Fruit. Inthe song was limited in its distribution to the venues were Holiday was allowed to perform the song, the radio stations that would play the song and the financial means to own a radio or gramophone so that you could listen to the recoding and also the ability to afford the cost of the recording.

The remediated version of the song can reach millions through its distribution via the internet. Inaccess to the song would be through listening to Holiday singing the song at the venues that allowed her to perform the song or by owning radio or gramophone or having access to one.

The consumption of the song in was limited by these factors. The few venues that allowed Holiday to perform the song were not accessible to everyone.

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Not everyone could afford to own a gramophone or radio and buy the record. The remediated version can reach millions of people by distributing it through YouTube.Thus, in each new media form it has been possible to trace the changes and persistence of particular formal properties in order to interrogate the significance of new textual formations and to assay how each new iteration reproduces, complicates, challenges, or even queers a previous meaning-making system.

Within this essay i shall be discussing the topic of how new media has an affect on fashion trends and how fashion brands use media to increase there fashion consumption. This essay will also outline how celebrities are used to promote and also increase fashion consumption within the new media.

Other scholars, like those in new media studies and digital humanities, value archives for accessibility of primary sources, and digital archives create completely new strata of availability by remediating and making available artifacts that would be inaccessible beyond a site visit to a repository.

Remediation operates in two directions: older media tries to appropriate and refashion digital media and digital media tries to refashion older media. Their claim is: “remediation is a defining characteristic of the new digital media.”.

Remediation essay new media has allowed

A system meant to give college students a better shot at succeeding is actually getting in the way of many, costing them time and money and taking a particular toll on students of color. Remix, Play, and Remediation (Davis, Webb, Lackey, DeVoss) ago, in , the web was relatively new, existing on only a few computers at sion.

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