Rencontres lure 2013

Each project featured in this exhibition engages a restorative gesture that speaks to the ways in which history and memory are conceptualized within a contemporary context. Rather than considering redaction simply as a bureaucratic tool or an outcome of state control, these specific approaches enable new forms of knowledge production and remembering, both politically and personally. Contemplating alternative legibilities that might emerge through redaction, the exhibition highlights the spaces of inquiry revealed through acts of obstruction.

Rencontres lure 2013

Les Rencontres internationales de Lure: For more than 60 years, we have organised conferences, kept track of current research and provided a platform upon which our members can share ideas and know-how.

Lure is first and foremost our Summer School: Les Rencontres are open to the young, the young-at-heart, to beginners or to experienced professionals. We welcome anyone who is curious about graphic culture and the written word.

They may also be developers, teachers, researchers, artists, publishers, illustrators, photographers, pataphysicians, word-jugglers…and sometimes all of these things at the same time!

Examples of fonts in use tagged with “type conferences”. View Peter Gabor’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Peter has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and . L’association des Rencontres internationales de Lure questionne l’écriture, son évolution et ses formes (typographique, littéraire, visuelle ou numérique).

There is no VIP lounge in Lurs: Rencontres lure 2013 take part in the informal exchanges afterwards, have their meals together and attend our concerts and other evening activities.

Four friends meet in Provence: Maximilien Vox, Jean Giono, Jean Garcia and Robert Ranc, driven by the desire to reflect upon their professional activities far from the distractions of Paris, fall in love with the village of Lurs.

They will go on to meet there every summer, gradually inviting friends and work colleagues…And now, this has been going on for more than 60 years.

It was also in that Vox set out the internationally-recognised typography classification named after him. The events we organise give members the opportunity to strengthen existing ties, to exchange with fellow professionals and to discover new aspects of their profession.

Our publications are a way of enshrining trends and thought-processes, and of leaving a tangible record of our activities. Because typography gives the written word body, style and personality. So typographers deal with the most basic building blocks for all professions involved in the sharing of knowledge through the use of the writing.

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That is why the Rencontres de Lure bring together not only font creators, but also graphic designers, publishers, printers, writers, educators, researchers, advertisers, information designers and others… We also welcome free-thinkers who understand what Maximilien Vox, one of the founders of the Rencontres de Lure, meant when he said: The job of a typographer is an ancient and a simple one.

Hardly any more difficult than playing the violin. The notion of encounters is important for our association. An encounter is when contact with another person opens up something new, arouses our imagination, awakens our curiosity, shakes up our routine and our habitual ways of thinking.

True encounters are difficult to foresee, and yet, in Lure, they have always ended up being part of our programmes of events.

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We encourage a spirit of independence, of authenticity, away from pre-designated formats and pre-planned agendas. And our story goes on, weaving an open web of collaborative work projects and achievements, of exchanges of ideas, of solidarity and of friendships.

There he was, at five in the morning, crossing the Lure mountains on a donkey, leading a string of ponies to market. This was his first adventure in a landscape he would never forget. He later returned, persuading a few friends to come along, including typographers Maximilien Vox and Jean Garcia.

They discovered the semi-ruined village of Lurs, and walked uphill to a rocky outcrop with dazzling views in two directions: And so, each year for more than sixty years now, special August visitors arrive in Lurs… contact us at.The Philosopher's verdict: a snowball of a book Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the fuel and fire of thinking, by Douglas Hofstadter and Emmanuel Sander, Basic Books (), about pages, about £20 ISBN Over the course of Richard Nixons presidency, three senior White At the Rencontres de Lure , she spoke about OpenType and Latin.

Creator in Reykjavik of the wavy hypnotic and futuristic typeface Pastura. The slab serif Nixon Caps , and Scrawler , all caps sans serif.

He also digitized the Frutiger-Hunziker typeface CGP used in the.

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Rencontres lure 2013

The cyanotypes included in the show, which incorporate ink and are also made with traditional Chinese rice paper, lure what appear to be graceful spirits. The white impressions of birds in flight are the shadows of doves, captured using a year-old photographic chemical process.

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