Why donate to the aspca

Southern New Jersey If you're in southern New Jersey and want to support a non-profit in your part of the state by donating furniture pieces for which you no longer have a use, there are some options available. Organizations that will be happy to take your donations include: You can take your donations to the store or contact them to schedule a pickup from your home or office.

Why donate to the aspca

I have long supported HSUS and ASPCA for their tireless work in rescuing puppymill dogs, prosecuting these horrific kennel owners and passing humane laws that support companion animal welfare. Good work has been accomplished on behalf of dogs in Washington within both of these organizations.

I dontate to CAPS as well.

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That being said, offering Vick a PR move to smooth over his inexcusable actions was disgusting to me. What happened to Oreo is even more inexcusable in that it occured at the very hands of people trusted to save dogs. It makes zero sense on many levels. I do not understand why ANY organization would euthanize a dog that had even one hopeful option, much less so many sincere offers for a quality life.

ASPCA: “Rescue” By Killing | In Dog We Trust

There are people who have a very special connection with this breed and can and do! Why was Oreo not given a chance? This is a lose-lose situation for Oreo, pitbulls showing aggression due to abuse and unfortunately, all the good work ASPCA staff members have done over the years that will now be overshadowed by this unnecessary and thoughtless act.

Why donate to the aspca

Do keep in mind that until animal abuse is a lelony punishable by serious legal consequences, it is less likely to stop. But we should also look at the Big Picture; the more each and all of us who care about animals can support each other and work together, the more will get done on their behalf.

Lupe Rodarte November 21st, at 6: How is it that an esteemed organization like the ASPCA, one many of us donate and support in one way or another, could do this in light of viable alternatives? But somehow, this strikes me as egregious…so far beyond acceptable.

Southern New Jersey

Suzanne Marienau November 24th, at 6: I have been a supporter of the ASPCA for years and regularly receive emailings and snail mailings from them. I thought I was doing good for the animals, but apparently not. I am also going to write to Mr. I am truly very saddened by this.

Donna Graves December 7th, at Perhaps he could get a position with the Eagles, I have a feeling he would fit right in. RIP sweet Oreo, I am sorry we failed you.

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Katie February 17th, at 5: I am completely shocked and enraged, as I am one of the millions who tear up at the site of an ASPCA commercial and immediately want to donate my whole life savings to them. I belong to an organziation that does fundraisers for local rescue shelters each year.

I was debating whether or not we should donate to the ASPCA this year, but you helped me answer that real quick.Summer is the cruelest season for homeless dogs and cats. More animals will face starvation, illness, and crippling or fatal injuries this summer than during any other season.

The ASPCA recommends using a rescue sticker alert» to let people know that pets are inside your home. Make sure it is visible to rescue workers, and that it includes the types and number of pets in your household and your veterinarian's phone number.

On June 21st, the ASPCA’s law enforcement arm raided a building in the kaja-net.com superintendent of the building was arrested and charged with multiple crimes related to dogfighting – 76 charges in all.

Newark Area. If you live in or around Newark, New Jersey, there are a few local options to consider when you are looking for a place to donate furniture pieces.

Our Work. The national parks are here for all of us, a truly American idea dependent on the support of people like you.

The National Park Foundation works in the parks you love to protect them for the next generation. Learn more about our important work.

The ASPCA is currently in California, assisting with emergency sheltering efforts for animals impacted by the Woolsey Fire. Read more about our ongoing disaster efforts and find out how you can help as we continue to assist those affected by this devastating tragedy.

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