Write a fused sentence is

Being the nosy novice teacher that I was, I immediately appropriated them and was delighted to find that they were leftover Composition II syllabi. What I saw turned my blood cold. The first was I was being far too lenient with my own students to prepare them for the rigor of the classes they had yet to face.

Write a fused sentence is

Two independent clauses can also be joined into one compound sentence with a semicolon alone. You can use a comma between independent clauses only if you also use a coordinating conjunction.

To learn how to form a compound sentence like this, look at these simple sentences. They can be made into one compound sentence with a semicolon alone between the two independent clauses.

write a fused sentence is

The semicolon has more strength than the comma. Thus, it can separate two independent clauses by itself; a comma cannot separate two independent clauses unless it is followed by a coordinating conjunction FANBOYS.

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Still another way to form a compound sentence is to use a semicolon AND a conjunctive adverb between the two independent clauses. Here is a list of the most frequently used conjunctive adverbs.

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You should become familiar with these words. To learn how to form a compound sentence with a conjunctive adverb and the correct punctuation, look at the original two simple sentences.

Like the coordinating conjunction, each conjunctive adverb has an individual meaning; thus, you should use whichever one fits the sense of the sentence you are writing. Why should you use compound sentences? Sometimes it is better to use a compound sentence than a simple sentence.

Comma Splice And Fused Sentences Pdf

For example, you may use a compound sentence because you want a variety of sentences in your writing. In another instance, you may want to join two complete thoughts that are closely related in order to show your reader the relationship.

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write a fused sentence is

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A. comma splice. B. fused sentence. 4. In preparation for the quiz, La'Mia studied comma splices and fused sentences until she thought her brain would burst, kaja-net.com Very true, Kevin!

Sentence fragments can definitely spice up fiction, especially action scenes (where sentences may be shorter to exemplify a tense situation) or in a self-narrative (where a character’s personality might come out in his/her inner monologues)kaja-net.com /fragments-and-run-on-sentences-sentence-spoilers.

· Exercise: Basic-level Paraphrase and Summary Writing Paraphrase. Paraphrase the following sentences. The student requested that the professor kaja-net.com A fused sentence is a sentence in which two independent clauses are joined without any punctuation separating them.

Fused sentences are also called run-on sentences. Fused sentences are also. · Fused sentence and comma splice are two terms that describe specific kinds of run-on sentences. When two or more independent clauses are included in a single sentence with no punctuation between them, this is a fused kaja-net.com://kaja-net.com You may also check out examples on how to write a sentence outline.

As mentioned previously, homographs are words (usually a pair) that are spelled alike, but have different meanings, and at times, pronunciations.

You may also see fused sentence examples. 8. kaja-net.com://kaja-net.com

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